History Of Hon File Cabinets

Published: 06th May 2009
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Based in Muscatine, Iowa; the Hon Company was originally started in 1944 under the company name of Home-O-Nize Co. In 1955, Home-O-Nize decided to increase it's focus on office supplies and office furniture, so they create a separate department for those products.' They also elected to come up with a new name for the new department so this division became known as H-O-N (Home-O-Nize). Since that time, Hon has become an industry leader in the office furniture market.

In 1955, Hon unveiled it's first filing cabinet, which was a combination model called the Unifile. Being the first commercial filing cabinet on the market, the Unifile was very successful. It's success led Hon to immediately start developing new filing cabinet models.

Currently, Hon is the best known filing cabinet manufacturer in the industry. They feature a wide variety of various cabinet models to fit most any need including lateral models, vertical models, and compact pedestal models. As some people may be new to common file cabinet terminology, it's important to go over the various types of cabinet styles.

Horizontal filing cabinets - These are also called "lateral" filing cabinets.' This style comes in 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer configurations.' From a space perspective, this style is available in various widths that include 30 inches, 36 inches, or 42 inches. Hon is one of the few manufacturers that uses high quality ball bearings and leveling guides to ensure smooth and quiet drawer movement. The most popular Hon lateral file cabinet is the Hon model 600.

Vertical filing cabinets - The vertical filing cabinet was designed in 1898 by Edwin Seibels. In a vertical filing cabinet, the drawers are stored vertically instead of laterally so vertical filing cabinets are taller than most laterals. Vertical filing cabinets are made out of wood or metal and generally come in 2, 3, or 4 drawers. The steel 4 drawer model is the most popular version among the vertical style cabinets. Hon is the leading producer of vertical filing cabinets world wide. All Hon vertical filing cabinets feature a reinforced case, drawers that have a full extension, and nylon rollers for smooth and snag free drawer movement. The Hon 530 and 310 series are the most popular vertical models that Hon offers.

The Hon file cabinets come in a myriad of different finishes like Columbian walnut laminate, Taupe, Putty, black, light gray, charcoal, shaker cherry laminate, shadow Zephyr, cloud zephyr, desert zephyr, canyon zephyr, morro zephyr, muslin, greige, carob, platinum metallic, and champagne metallic.

If you are in the market for a new filing cabinet, give the Hon line a look as they produce great cabinets at reasonable prices with excellent support.

When you start talking about file cabinets, most people immediately think about the Hon brand of cabinets as they are one of the oldest and most popular file cabinet makers in the industry. Rather than settling for a cheap knockoff, consider going with a Hon file cabinet as you'll be much happier in the long run.

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